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Strauss Rottman

Smart Digital Pianos  


Strauss Rottman clasical 

SCG series

We are offering great sound, great quality and  price that you just cant say no! 

Strauss Rottman acoustic 

SAG series

We are offering great sound, great qulity and the price you just cant say no!


J. Strauss & B. Rottma

       J. Strauss and B. Rottman, after 15 years of designing musical instruments of the most eminent manufacturers around the world, have decided to launch their own production and new quality brand. Established in 2012, Strauss Rottman is a brand dedicated to bringing high quality musical instruments and accessories to musicians of all types, from students to professionals, at the most attractive prices. All our instruments, are handmade from designs created by our team of specialists in U.K.

Enjoy the best sound, because you deserve it.

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